1. Sleep only as much as needed to feel refreshed during the following day. Restricting time in bed solidifies sleep and excessively long times in bed lead to fragmented and shallow sleep.
  2. Get up at the same time each day, 7 days a week. Regular wake up times lead to regular sleep onset times.
  3. A steady daily amount of exercise in the morning or afternoon depends sleep.
  4. Insulate your room against sound and light.
  5. Keep your room temperature moderate. Excessively warm or cold temperatures can disturb sleep.
  6. Both hunger and excessive fullness can disturb sleep. a light snack at bedtime may help sleep.
  7. Avoid excessive liquids in the evening in order to minimize the need for night time trips to bathroom.
  8. Avoid caffeinated beverages in the evening.
  9. The chronic use of tobacco disturbs sleep.
  10. Avoid alcohol, especially in the evening. Although alcohol helps people to fall asleep more easily, their sleep is fragmented.
  11. People who feel angry and frustrated because they cannot sleep should not try harder and harder to fall asleep, but should get out of bed, to go a different room and do something different.
  12. If you find yourself looking at the clock at night, turn it so that you cannot see it, or cover it up. Bed is for sleep and sex and not to watch TV or read books. No TV, no books and no clocks in bed room.